The Maremonti pedestrian cycle path from Levanto to Framura

From the western seafront of Levanto, in the Vallesanta area, a splendid pedestrian and cycle path opens up, which, using the line of the old Tyrrhenian railway line, allows you to reach Bonassola and Framura, walking or cycling a few steps from the cliffs and pristine beaches.
The itinerary runs for 6 km using the tunnels of the nineteenth-century railway line with single track, a splendid example of the architecture of the time; to achieve the stretch between Sestri Levante and La Spezia it took four years, fifty-one galleries and twenty-three bridges, resulting in the most difficult part of the entire line, due to the orography of the territory, but which allowed to break the centuries-old isolation of the Cinque Terre with the rest of the world.
The beautiful seaside resort of Levanto, with its sandy beaches and its promenade, is the starting point of the cycle path, which, through long tunnels interspersed with uncovered stretches that overlook the cliffs and small beaches, reaches the village first of Bonassola and then of Framura.
Levanto, bordering the territory of the Cinque Terre National Park and long renowned bathing resort, offers notable points of interest such as the church of Sant’Andrea Apostle dating back to 1200, a great example of Gothic style in black and white marble, the medieval Loggia, recognized as a Unesco Heritage, where customs and tolling practices were carried out on goods departing and arriving from the port at the time of the Republic of Genoa. Also from Levanto you can walk to all the villages scattered along the inner valley, through olive groves and vineyards with beautiful sea view.
Bonassola is a small village that owes its fame not only to the beautiful sandy beach that stretches in front of the historic center, but also to a dense network of trails such as the one leading to the church of the Madonna della Punta, from where the whole bay and the gaze is lost in the infinity of the open sea.
Framura, on the other hand, is made up of five small inhabited nuclei which, from the railway station a few meters from the sea, spread along the steep terraced hill up to a height of 420 meters above sea level. It used to be an ancient possession of the Da Passano, a Genovese noble family, as evidenced by the ruins of the Castle dating back to 1100.
The stretch of sea facing Framura is one of the most pristine and wild in the entire Ligurian Riviera between cliffs and small beaches and offers trekking and snorkeling opportunities given the presence of numerous wrecks of boats on its depths.
Also worthy of mention is the presence of a good number of local fishermen who moor their typical and colorful Ligurian “gozzi” (wooden fishermen boats) in the protected inlet of Porto Pidocchio, providing an unparalleled glance as well as supplying local restaurants with excellent fresh fish.