1919 – 2019: the harvest of the centenary in Volastra

This year the harvest, the splendid final act of a hard work season in the vineyards, has been enriched by the centenary birthday of my grandmother, Elia, who on September 19th reached the memorable milestone of her century of life, entirely spent in Volastra, an agricultural heart button of the territory of the Cinque Terre National Park.
My grandmother is a witness and at the same time the author of the incredible work carried out by the old generations that has allowed us to maintain and exploit a difficult and fragile territory, delivering it in perfect conditions to the new generations, who today can enjoy it taking advantage of the great tourist appeal that the Cinque Terre exercise all over the world.
The harvest represented by the 60% of Bosco grapes (autochthonous vine of the Cinque Terre) and another 40% of Vermentino and Arbarola, was excellent and spectacular, using, where possible, the rack railway, a great attraction for tourists who in this period still they cover numerous the path network of our territory.
The help of my dear friends of Bergamo was once again essential to complete the harvest of the grapes in the terraced strips and then in the cellar for winemaking, using as always our legendary family wine press, which has been in operation for four generations.
The enormous physical effort of the harvest is mitigated by the harmony with which our group, by now tested over the years, dedicates itself to work and at the same time to the convivial moments that follow, savoring the old lifestyle of the inhabitants of the Cinque Terre, peasants and engineers of this magical territory.