Volastra: main paths’ crossroads.

Posted on 10 June 2012, in Blog

Volastra is the main paths’crossroad of the Cinque Terre National Park.
From here you can walk down to Manarola in 30 minutes with the route n. 6 and to Corniglia in 1 hour and 20 minutes with the route n. 6d and n. 7a, or walk for 45 minutes on path no. 6 until you reach the ridge that links trail n. 1 which connects Portovenere with Levanto.
From Volastra, in 2 hours along the old dirt road of the sanctuaries, you may reach the sanctuary of Montenero dating 1300, situated above the village of Riomaggiore, from where you can enjoy an amazing sea view. (more…)


Hiking in our vineyards

Posted on 17 March 2012, in Blog

From this year, on request, with small groups of guests, in the surroundings of Volastra we will organize guided visits at our vineyards’ cultivation, to understand the unbelievable and hard work done by generations in the fields of the Cinque Terre. These excursions will end visiting our home-winery where we produce the DOC wine and the 5 Terre Sciacchetrà, still using wooden barrels and a centenary press.
During the visit you will be introduced to the various and endless steps of cultivation.
It begins with the pruning of the vine shoots and its tying on wire pergolas. This process is still done by using the broom, a natural plant that guarantees 100% biodegradability. (more…)


Snow in Cinque Terre

Posted on 6 March 2012, in Actuality

On the night of 31st of January there was a very unusual weather event for our area. A heavy snowfall accompanied by strong winds, has generated a real snowstorm, which made us wake up under a thick white blanket, creating an unusual landscape for the National Park of Cinque Terre.
All of the five marine villages have been whitewashed by creating a Northen Sea landscape where the cliffs down the water were covered by a tick layer of snow as well as the terraces for the cultivation of the vineyards supported by dry stone walls have offered a incredible insight. (more…)


Paths’ Restoration

Posted on 1 February 2012, in Blog

This year, also due to the catastrophic events of last autumn, we are working together with other residents of Volastra in the restoration of the paths that link our village to the other villages of the Cinque Terre.
First of all we started to restore path no. 6d which starts from the church of Volastra and reaches Corniglia in about 1 hour and 15 minutes. It goes through a little group of houses called Pianca and the beautiful terraced vineyards. This trail is very special due to the characteristic monorails used for transportation of the grapes, the Mediterranean olive trees and its beautiful sea view for the entire walk.


SDC14707 (Medium)

The Sciacchetrà

Posted on 25 December 2011, in Blog

Besides the dry wine, we are dedicated to the production of the legendary “Sciacchetrà“, sweet dessert wine that is made from selected dried grapes.
The first phase is the selection of the most healthy and mature bunches which are cut and put down with great delicacy in “corba” (wicker basket with four handles).
We use the “corba” instead of a plastic containers because it prevents the crushing of the contents during transport.
The second step is to transfer the grapes from the “corba” to the wooden boxes that are placed on a terrace well-exposed to the sun. (more…)


Maintaining territory and traditions

Posted on 14 December 2011, in Blog

The B & B “Il Vigneto” with the commitment of our family, continues to work the land and preserve the traditions, such as dry stone walls, which are not only “features” but are also very useful. In fact, due to the extreme steepness of our region, collapsing walls occur cyclically, resulting problems for cultivation.
Thanks to the great experience we have, we provide the reconstruction of the collapsed walls, according to an ancient technique which consists in putting medium and large stones on the front and a lot of small stones on the back to fill the gap. (more…)

Andrea, Ivo e Sofia

Harvest 2011

Posted on 25 November 2011, in Blog

The harvest 2011 was good, both in terms of quality and quantity and as usual many persons have contributed to the harvest.
Fortunately most of the land is served by a monorail consisting of 3 wagons (1 for driving ad 2 for transportation) which can transport the grapes on the road, avoiding exhausting and dangerous transport on shoulders.
The monorail was installed in the 80′s and it is run by Coop 5 Terre located at Groppo (1 km from Volastra). Our family is founding member of the Coop 5 Terre and every year we confer the majority of our grapes. (more…)


Il Vigneto – Our story

Posted on 1 September 2011, in Blog

“Il Vigneto” is a family run B & B and it is called so, because our family is devoted to the cultivation of the vine, from the 800′s to the present day.
Our vineyards cover about 5,000 square meters on the heights of Volastra, 300 meters above sea level, just above the village of Manarola.
The cultivated land is on sloping hills and nowadays we are maintaining it thanks to the hard work of previous generations who had the ability to exploit this very steep territory by creating terraces supported by the famous typical dry stone walls, built with stones and dirt without any cement. (more…)