Il torchio 2

Il Torchio – Wine cellar

Posted on 12 September 2014, in Blog

For over a hundred years our wine cellar has been the place of production and storage of our family wine.
A few months ago we decided to restructure it to make it more functional and comfortable.
During its restructuration we have been very careful in keeping its original structure and giving greater prominence to the stone walls built directly on the rock so guaranteeing a constant temperature and humidity, fundamental to the preservation of our wine.
The prominent element is the old wine press, which is still used for winemaking.
It is formed by a base of stones worked by hand and in its center it is fixed an iron screw on top of which is placed a large nut, called “spiral”, formed by a disc of iron with holes around the circumference, where a “ratchet” with a triangular base, is housed. (more…)

La posa

Path n. 6d – 7a from Volastra to Corniglia

Posted on 28 May 2014, in Blog

Path 6d is the trail that from Volastra reaches Case Pianca and then Corniglia through path 7a. This trail is one of the most spectacular and well maintained throughout the National Park of Cinque Terre.
It is a very pleasant walk of about 1 hour and 15 minutes all together.
The trail starts from the square of the Romanesque church of Volastra, built in the X century. This sanctuary is dedicated to Our Lady of Health and right where the trail starts there is a beautiful sandstone block with an iron cross, expertly worked by the artists of that time.
A hundred meters after leaving the village of Volastra you will be immediately captivated by the view of the coast overlooking Manarola on your left and Corniglia on your right. (more…)


The broom

Posted on 7 February 2014, in Vineyards & wine

During the winter we are engaged in the tying of the vines with the broom.
The broom has always been used in Cinque Terre to tie the vines on the pergola and it is for this reason that even today we continue with this tradition that guarantees the total biodegradability in the environment.
Formerly it was exclusively a female task, while men were engaged in the tilling of the soil.
During the summer we go inland to look for it. There this shrub grows vigorously, and after cutting it we carry it to Volastra. Brooms are then gathered in bunches and left to dry in an airy and dry place. (more…)

AFCRO (88)

Path n. 6 Manarola – Volastra

Posted on 21 December 2013, in Blog

Manarola and Volastra never had good access by road, until the beginning of 1978, when the carriage road linking Manarola to Groppo and Volastra was inaugurated.
To meet the needs of the inhabitants, the Town Hall Authorities decided to build a new mule track that starting from Fiesse and, partly following the old path Fiesse-Cantrigiàn, reached Volastra.
The construction work began on 21st August 1906 and ended in July 1907, just in time for the road to beopened on 5th August for the occasion of the ceremony of Our Lady of Good Health held in the sanctuary of Volastra.
To build the road it took 1,859 meters of sandstone curbs, miners worked for 186 days and masons for 200 days, for a total cost of 2,300 lire. (more…)


Vicus Oleaster

Posted on 11 October 2013, in Blog

At 350 meters above sea level, on the back of a steep hill surrounded by terraces supported by dry stone walls, is located Volastra, among vineyards and olive trees.
It ‘a small village to adapt to the ground, ordered the houses in two concentric semicircles.
It dates back to 177 BC when the Roman legions turned into peasants after the victorious campaign against the Ligurians, founded the village, which was built on the track of the old Via Romea, prior to the Roman road Via Aurelia.
“Vicus Oleaster”, the land of the olive trees, it was a staging post for changing horses. (more…)

Trenino Volastra

Our monorail trains

Posted on 4 August 2013, in Blog

In May 1980 at Volastra and precisely in the coasts of Vaipusse and Posa (production area of a selected DOC wine) were installed the first two monorail trains in the area of Cinque Terre by the Comunità Montana della Riviera.
They represent the first installation made in Italy and they are the result of the research for means capable of reducing the enormous effort of transportation in this area which is completely devoid of country roads.
In the past, during the harvest , Cinque Terre were invaded by “dockers” (bearers of grapes); their work was essential to finish the harvest within a reasonable time and to reduce the effort due to the total absence of carriage roads in the area. (more…)


Once upon a time……………

Posted on 21 March 2013, in Blog

Nowadays Cinque Terre have to be grateful to the stubbornness and tenacity of the older generation and to its superhuman efforts that changed the landscape to make a living through agriculture, mainly destined to producing wine for sale.
In order to cultivate the vine, due to the roughness of this area, it was necessary to build an infinite number of dry-stone walls to create the terraces on which to plant the vines.
In consideration with what just said, the harvest assumed epic contours, as the connections between the fields were formed by narrow and inaccessible paths with countless stairways, which denied the possibility to use any kind of mechanical means of transportation. (more…)


Our olive oil

Posted on 26 December 2012, in Blog

Apart from the vineyards our property is also composed of terraces for the cultivation of olive trees which give a very high quality oil.
In fact the name Volastra comes from the Latin “Vicus Oleaster”, that literally means the place of the olive trees. This makes you understand how this type of activity is considered “historical” for our village.
The cultivation of the olive trees certainly requires less effort compared with the cultivation of the vines even though, due to the landscape morphology , every single agricultural activity means huge effort.
During the winter we proceed with plowing and fertilizing the soil which on a later stage we maintain clear from weeds using brush cutters. (more…)

Harvest 2012 – The films

Posted on 27 October 2012, in Blog



In films of this article you can appreciate the main stages of harvest: the transport of the grapes with the monorail and the winemaking craft in our family winery.
Have fun!!


Patrizia con uva

Harvest 2012

Posted on 20 September 2012, in Blog

This year’s harvest took us five days’ work.
The first three days were dedicated to the collection of the grapes and the production of our D.O.C. white wine, made in our “legendary” wine-cellar.
In addition to the collection for the dry white wine we proceeded to the selection of the best grapes for Sciacchetrà (our selected dessert wine), whose vinification will take place about 1 month later.
The last two days were devoted to the collection and transportation of the grapes to the 5 Terre COOP, of which we are members since the 80’s. (more…)