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1919 – 2019: the harvest of the centenary in Volastra.

Posted on 28 September 2019, in Blog

This year the harvest, the splendid final act of a hard work  season in the vineyards, has been enriched by the centenary birthday of my grandmother, Elia, who on September 19th reached the memorable milestone of her  century of life, entirely spent in Volastra, an agricultural heart button of the territory of the Cinque Terre National Park.
My grandmother is a witness and at the same time the author of the incredible work carried out by the old generations that has allowed us to maintain and exploit a difficult and fragile territory, delivering it in perfect conditions  to the new generations, who today can enjoy it taking advantage of the great tourist appeal that the Cinque Terre exercise all over the world.
The harvest represented by the 60% of Bosco grapes (autochthonous vine of the Cinque Terre) and another 40% of Vermentino and Arbarola, was excellent and spectacular, using, where possible, the rack railway, a great attraction for tourists who in this period still they cover numerous the path network of our territory.



Harvest 2018: great harvest in Volastra!!!

Posted on 26 September 2018, in Blog

Even this year, after a hard year of work in the vineyards, the hardest and most beautiful moment of the season has arrived: the harvest.
In the Cinque Terre National Park the harvest is a special and spectacular event as it takes place in an incredibly scenographic territory, offering inimitable views suspended between sky and sea.
The unique feature of the Cinque Terre in the world is the use of racks to transport heavy baskets full of grapes from terraced strips, hundreds of meters away from the road.

The use of this mechanical system introduced in the 80s, every year triggers the curiosity and photographs of thousands of tourists from all over the world who walk the sea-view paths of the National Park, immersed in the vineyards.
The vintage has been excellent from the climatic point of view, thus ensuring a great quality of the grapes. (more…)


Harvest 2017: quality and quantity for D.O.C. 5 Terre wine

Posted on 22 November 2017, in Blog

This year, in Volastra, in the heart of the Cinque Terre National Park, the season reserved a wonderful sunshine and a complete lack of rainfall from late May to late September, which guaranteed an optimal maturation of the grapes and the absence of issues related to the main diseases that can afflict vineyards, namely oidio and peronospera.
Our terraced vineyards, as per millenary tradition, are still almost completely cultivated with pergola plant, "autedo" in the local dialect, protecting the bunches from the strong sun rays allowing a gradual and optimal maturation and at the same time providing greater production than the classic spinning plant.

As usual we have vinified some of our white grapes of the three different qualities Bosco, Vermentino and Albarola, in the "Torchio", the secular family cellar and the rest we have given to the Cinque Terre Social Cooperative, of which we have been members since 1982, year of its foundation.
The Social Cooperative is an extremely important structure for our fragile and difficult territory since it deals with the management and maintenance of both irrigation aqueduct  and all the rack monorails, the main pillars for the maintenance of agriculture and therefore of the landscape in the Cinque Terre National Park. (more…)

Uva secca

The Cinque Terre’s sweet wine: from Rinforzato to Sciacchetrà

Posted on 20 January 2017, in Blog

In all of its 800 years of history, the wine production of the Cinque Terre has always been famous for the dessert wine, which over the years has assumed different names.
In the thirteenth century, it was born as Vernaccia, in the XVI is quoted as Vino Amabile (sweet wine), name that is conserved until the eighteenth century; later in the nineteenth century the name of Amabile becomes increasingly rare in favor of the title Rinforzato.
The last name that appears and is still used nowadays  is the term Sciacchetrà, which in the second half of the twentieth century replaced  the term of  Rinforzato.

To better understand the name changes in that period, from Amabile to Rinforzato and from Rinforzato to Sciacchetrà we must pay more attention to the wine-making techniques used  in Cinque Terre in the nineteenth century.
In fact, as can be understood  by the names given, it passes by a term which is more associated with taste and quality (Amabile) to names that refer to the wine-making procedures. (more…)

Uva 5 Terre

Harvest 2016: excellent quality!

Posted on 13 October 2016, in Blog

This year the harvest of  "Il Vigneto”  has been excellent in terms of quality, whereas production was lower compared to 2015.

Thanks to the three months of sunny weather with no rain and humidity, since the end of June through September, the grapes reached the perfect ripeness. In fact, this year we were able to pick up and put to dry a good amount of grapes destined to Sciacchetrà.

During the first two days we proceeded to the collection and transportation of the grapes in the family cellar using the "mythical" monorails that allowed us to carry wicker baskets, called "corbe", filled with grapes, from the most distant terraces until the carriage road.
The third and fourth days were dedicated to the processing of the grapes in our family winery called  "Il Torchio",  whose stone walls carved into rocks, have been repeating the wine making process for about a century. (more…)

Corbe su Manarola

Harvest 2015: the perfect season!

Posted on 2 October 2015, in Blog

This year the harvest has been the final act of a particularly favorable season for the vines, thanks to the exceptional temperatures reached during the summer associated with lack of rainfall which allowed a perfect ripening of the grapes, even in those areas not well exposed to sunlight.

So finally this year we were able to put to dry out in the sun on our terrace a good amount of grapes destined to the production of Sciacchetrà, given that in the last two years we were not able to produce even a bottle because of excessive rainfall that ruined the precious grapes. If the odds will be respected, in about three years (period necessary for its refinement) the 2015 Sciacchetrà  will be one of the best of the long wine history of the Cinque Terre. (more…)

AFCRO (103)

Harvesting in the old times in Cinque Terre

Posted on 29 June 2015, in Blog

The harvest in Cinque Terre was an exhausting, but exhilarating phase. It represented the final step of the complex and laborious cultivation of the vine: a massive task due to the harshness of the territory.
People used to work all-year round and lived out of what they produced and using  the small amount of money coming from the sale of the wine. The villages spent  twenty days in feverish activity.                                           

Early in the morning the streets were filled with people of all ages. Men, women, young people and even older people with “corbe” (large wicker basket with four handles) and “paniere” (round wicker basket); they were all over the countryside, talking loudly, in a festive atmosphere. (more…)


Recovery of agricultural terraces in the Cinque Terre area

Posted on 18 April 2015, in Blog

With the beginning of the touristic season the recovery of the two most intensively cultivated hills in our area have been completed. These two hills are the Costa della Posa e Valle dei Pozzi, where in the early eighties were installed the first two monorails of Cinque Terre.

They are two beautiful hills that form a natural amphitheater characterized by the famous agricultural terraces of the Cinque Terre supported by hundreds of stone walls that have been built to support this steep land that from a height of about 400 meters slops down to the sea.                               

The recovery has been made on part of the 586 trail that from Volastra reaches Case Pianca and continues down to Corniglia on the 587 trail. (more…)


Dry stone walls and new vines

Posted on 17 February 2015, in Blog

Also this year, due to the autumn heavy rains, some of the stone walls that support our vineyards have collapsed. Therefore their reconstruction is now necessary and it will take a big job and a huge effort to carry on the spot the new stones, using the monorails of the Cantina 5 Terre, and then to place them, using the ancient technique coming from past generations.
One of the walls that has collapsed last autumn is particularly high and it caused the fall of a large volume of earth that must be now removed to the upper level by using the legendary “Cavagnola”, (small wicker basket woven by hand) which will be filled with earth or stones of small and medium size (“the recausi”), fundamental elements for the proper drainage of rainwater. (more…)

Torchio e Dalzo

Harvest 2014

Posted on 13 November 2014, in Blog

This year’s harvest took place earlier than in past years, because of the excessive summer rainfall that caused considerable problems in the maturation of the cluster and even the decay of the same.
Due to the above-mentioned causes this year the grapes had a low sugar content and high acidity of the grape, whereas the amount was higher than last year.
As usual the majority of the grapes was given to the Social Cooperative of Groppo, while 1.5 tons were taken to our wine cellar “Il Torchio” where we vinified for the first time after its renewal. (more…)