Harvest 2015: the perfect season!

This year the harvest has been the final act of a particularly favorable season for the vines, thanks to the exceptional temperatures reached during the summer associated with lack of rainfall which allowed a perfect ripening of the grapes, even in those areas not well exposed to sunlight.
So finally this year we were able to put to dry out in the sun on our terrace a good amount of grapes destined to the production of Sciacchetrà, given that in the last two years we were not able to produce even a bottle because of excessive rainfall that ruined the precious grapes. If the odds will be respected, in about three years (period necessary for its refinement) the 2015 Sciacchetrà will be one of the best of the long wine history of the Cinque Terre.
Since this year the grapes were particularly healthy, part of the crop was used to make wine leaving the skins to macerate in the juice for three days, while a part was pulled after only 24 hours to make a fermentation “in white”, as to say without skins.
The must obtained by the pressing of the skins (done by using our legendary centenary press) has been left in fermentation separately to get a more colorful wine. Then it will be left another three weeks to macerate in the skins of Sciacchetrà in a chestnut-wood barrel that in the past years has been used only for the fermentation of dried grapes.
Hard work, both in the terraced vineyards and wine cellar, has been accomplished through the efforts of our entire family and, once again, the crucial help of dear friends coming from Bergamo who every year are eagerly waiting for the harvest, during which they can enjoy our beautiful landscape that greatly enliven the immense effort represented by the harvest in Cinque Terre.
Nothing better than the pictures and the video below to make the idea of ​​the incredible year!
Good fun!!

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