From Monterosso to Vernazza via sanctuaries

This route for moderately experienced hikers, starts from Piazza Garibaldi, located in the heart of the old town of Monterosso, from where we head towards Fegina, along the beautiful waterfront of the village which is the most populated of the Cinque Terre.
From Fegina, trough SVA uphill path, you may reach the headland of Punta Mesco that closes the Gulf of the Cinque Terre and from where you can enjoy a breathtaking view of all five villages.
Then take the path n. 591 with various ups and downs that leads to Colle di Gritta which stands at 330 meters above sea level and then along a stretch of paved road indicating Monterosso. On the left of the road you get to take the path n. 509 to the beautiful medieval shrine of Our Lady of Soviore, considered one of the oldest places of worship in Liguria, as stated already in a document dating back to 1244.
Leaving the sanctuary we continue on the path n. 591, which in this section coincides with the road, and then stretches onto the path n. 582, which crosses the Mediterranean maquis, leading to the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Reggio, settlement dating back to Roman and from which, during the eleventh century, the population moved to the sea and founded the village of Vernazza.
In front of the church you can admire a cypress tree which is about 800 years old, that has entered in the list of the monumental trees of Liguria, as the oldest tree in the region and therefore subject to protection by the Cinque Terre National Park.
You then leave the sanctuary of Reggio to reach Vernazza with the path n. 508, once traveled by pilgrims on their way to the sanctuary, testified by the many shrines along its way.