Harvest 2018: great harvest in Volastra!!!

Even this year, after a hard year of work in the vineyards, the hardest and most beautiful moment of the season has arrived: the harvest.
In the Cinque Terre National Park the harvest is a special and spectacular event as it takes place in an incredibly scenographic territory, offering inimitable views suspended between sky and sea.
The unique feature of the Cinque Terre in the world is the use of racks to transport heavy baskets full of grapes from terraced strips, hundreds of meters away from the road.
The use of this mechanical system introduced in the 80s, every year triggers the curiosity and photographs of thousands of tourists from all over the world who walk the sea-view paths of the National Park, immersed in the vineyards.
The vintage has been excellent from the climatic point of view, thus ensuring a great quality of the grapes.
We have in fact selected a good quantity of bunches to be dried, which at the end of October we will vinify to obtain the legendary Sciacchetrà, sweet passito wine, maximum expression of the territory.
In our cellar the winemaking of Sciacchetrà still takes place in the old way in total respect of the tradition: pressing of the grapes with the feet, fermentation of the must on the skins in chestnut casks, aging in glass and bottling with cork of noble cork about 1 year and a half from the production.
In the bottle the sweet wine reaches the peak of aging around 5/6 years, but you can find excellent bottles of 10/15 years.
In the photo gallery below you can admire the most significant moments of the harvest of the “Vineyard” which once again saw the fundamental contribution of our friends from Bergamo who have long been an integral part of the Cinque Terre territory and who share with us these key moments of the season.
A hug and to the next harvest !!!