The Monterosso’s lemons’ festival

18 April 2015


The lemons’ festival takes place every year on the 3rd Saturday of the month of May, when yellow becomes the predominant colour in the village.
Thanks to this fruit and its festival, Monterosso is well known all over the world!
On that occasion along the narrow streets of the village there are all types of stalls where the typical fruit of this village reigns with its derivatives: limoncello, lemon cream, jam and lemon cake.In the afternoon, the so-called "8,000 lemon-scented steps" walk takes place. It starts  from the house of the poet Eugenio Montale and flows through the streets of Monterosso, touching the most typical places. The itinerary, rich in food stalls also includes a visit to a lemon house.

The day ends in the main square of the village where takes place the assignment of awards for the most beautiful showcase and the "biggest lemon" at the gourmet table in Piazza Garibaldi.

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