The Myrtle from Liguria

5 December 2017


Myrtle is an aromatic plant typical of the Mediterranean scrub, with evergreen bushy shrubs or shrubs; its growth can be very slow and may become multi-secular.
Its flowers are white or rosy, while the fruits are berries of black-blue, dark red or rarely white color. It ripens from November to January, remaining on the plant for a long time.
Its name comes from Latin and Greek from the common root Myron, which means fragrant essence.

Its leaves are used to flavor mainly meat dishes, while with the berries you get the famous liquor that has remarkable digestive virtues.

The Myrtle is particularly developed in Sardinia and Corsica but it is also rather common in our Liguria, especially within the territory of the Cinque Terre National Park, where it grows spontaneously along the slopes that descend steeply towards the sea, kissed by the sun and sheltered from the cold winds of Tramontana.



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