Harvest 2014

This year’s harvest took place earlier than in past years, because of the excessive summer rainfall that caused considerable problems in the maturation of the cluster and even the decay of the same.
Due to the above-mentioned causes this year the grapes had a low sugar content and high acidity of the grape, whereas the amount was higher than last year.
As usual the majority of the grapes was given to the Social Cooperative of Groppo, while 1.5 tons were taken to our wine cellar “Il Torchio” where we vinified for the first time after its renewal.The first step of vinification has been the removal of the stalk from the cluster and the second step has been its pressing. The grape has been obtained only after 24 hours, with a “white fermentation” that means without the skins.
The fermentation, the step in which grape sugars are attacked by saccharomyces transforming them in alcohol, lasted 5 days in steel barrels not chilled, maintaining so doing a natural process.
Afterwards took place the first racking to remove sediments, followed by many others, until around the end of November, the wine was completely clear avoiding so doing the method of filtration, that in our opinion tends to eliminate substances that should be present in wine to emphasize its typical connotation.
This year unfortunately, due to the poor quality of our crop we did not produce any sciacchetrà, that being the excellence of our products, it is made only when the weather conditions are particularly favorable and we may assure the best quality.
Least but not last we want to express our gratitude to our American guests who have helped harvesting but our special thanks go to our relatives and dearest friends from Bergamo, who as usual have worked very hard in the fields as well as in the cellar and have earned over the years, the eternal gratitude of our family.
See you next year !!!