Harvest 2016: excellent quality!

This year the harvest of “Il Vigneto” has been excellent in terms of quality, whereas production was lower compared to 2015.
Thanks to the three months of sunny weather with no rain and humidity, since the end of June through September, the grapes reached the perfect ripeness. In fact, this year we were able to pick up and put to dry a good amount of grapes destined to Sciacchetrà.
During the first two days we proceeded to the collection and transportation of the grapes in the family cellar using the “mythical” monorails that allowed us to carry wicker baskets, called “corbe”, filled with grapes, from the most distant terraces until the carriage road.
The third and fourth days were dedicated to the processing of the grapes in our family winery called “Il Torchio”, whose stone walls carved into rocks, have been repeating the wine making process for about a century.Passed 24 hours after the grinding, we proceeded to rack the must and the press the skins that remained in the barrel; The racked must and the one obtained from the pressing were then placed in separate barrels for the natural fermentation that in about 5 to 7 days will transform the grape juice into D.O.C. Cinque Terre wine with an alcohol content of about 13 degrees.
On the last day we have collected and given a good amount of grapes to the Cantina Sociale of Groppo of which we are members since the 80’s, when it was founded. The main aim of the Cantina Sociale is to collect all the local grapes of the Cinque Terre, from Riomaggiore to Monterosso, and produce the D.O.C. Cinque Terre wine in its various versions and Sciacchetrà, the sweet wine which represents the maximum expression of quality in our area.
As usual a special thanks is given to our friends from Bergamo who once again have greatly contributed to the success of this harvest.
See you in 2017…………. Thank-you !!!!!