Snow in Cinque Terre

On the night of 31st of January there was a very unusual weather event for our area. A heavy snowfall accompanied by strong winds, has generated a real snowstorm, which made us wake up under a thick white blanket, creating an unusual landscape for the National Park of Cinque Terre.
All of the five marine villages have been whitewashed by creating a Northen Sea landscape where the cliffs down the water were covered by a tick layer of snow as well as the terraces for the cultivation of the vineyards supported by dry stone walls have offered a incredible insight.
A snowfall of this magnitude had not happened since 1985, when the temperature dropped well below zero, causing serious damage to crops of citrus and olive trees.Here you can enjoy the photos taken the next day by myself in the surroundings of Volastra and from the terrace of our B & B.