The broom

During the winter we are engaged in the tying of the vines with the broom.
The broom has always been used in Cinque Terre to tie the vines on the pergola and it is for this reason that even today we continue with this tradition that guarantees the total biodegradability in the environment.
Formerly it was exclusively a female task, while men were engaged in the tilling of the soil.
During the summer we go inland to look for it. There this shrub grows vigorously, and after cutting it we carry it to Volastra. Brooms are then gathered in bunches and left to dry in an airy and dry place.After the drying process we proceed to select them, cutting the best parts with the graft knife.
Before being able to use them we must boil them in hot water to give the plant the necessary flexuosity that ensures a tight seal for the entire season .
We tie the old vines in February / March after the pruning and then again in April / May when the new vines are sprouting.
The technique to tie the vines with the broom is not easy to learn, but once perfected it guarantees a perfect seal besides being 100% organic.