The Sciacchetrà

Besides the dry wine, we are dedicated to the production of the legendary “Sciacchetrà“, sweet dessert wine that is made from selected dried grapes.
The first phase is the selection of the most healthy and mature bunches which are cut and put down with great delicacy in “corba” (wicker basket with four handles).
We use the “corba” instead of a plastic containers because it prevents the crushing of the contents during transport.
The second step is to transfer the grapes from the “corba” to the wooden boxes that are placed on a terrace well-exposed to the sun.At dusk we proceed to cover the boxes to prevent that moisture affects the clusters causing rotten grapes.
After 7 to 10 days of sun exposure you proceed to the third stage that consists in moving boxes indoors, but in a well-ventilated area, where the drying of the grapes will be completed.
After 1 month from the harvest we proceed to the fourth and final stage, proceeding to the ginning and subsequent manual pressing of the grapes with our feet, as it used to be in the past.
The fermentation takes place in small oak barrels where, after about 3 weeks, is decanted into glass demijohns.
The wine is bottled after about 1 ½ years and the aging reaches its peak at around 5 years, but more aging is well supported.
It is not to brag, but we would never exchange a bottle of our Sciacchetrà with any bottle of sweet wine on the world market!!
Its properties are “magic” so that once it was offered to sick people to get relief from the disease!