Harvest 2012

This year’s harvest took us five days’ work.
The first three days were dedicated to the collection of the grapes and the production of our D.O.C. white wine, made in our “legendary” wine-cellar.
In addition to the collection for the dry white wine we proceeded to the selection of the best grapes for Sciacchetrà (our selected dessert wine), whose vinification will take place about 1 month later.
The last two days were devoted to the collection and transportation of the grapes to the 5 Terre COOP, of which we are members since the 80’s.The quantity of grapes were lower than last year, but the quality turned out to be definitely higher, even though the drought in our area did not allow optimal ripeness.
The positive side of this situation is the good quality of the grapes for Sciacchetrà that are now still laying on our terrace to be dried.