Maintaining territory and traditions

The B & B “Il Vigneto” with the commitment of our family, continues to work the land and preserve the traditions, such as dry stone walls, which are not only “features” but are also very useful. In fact, due to the extreme steepness of our region, collapsing walls occur cyclically, resulting problems for cultivation.
Thanks to the great experience we have, we provide the reconstruction of the collapsed walls, according to an ancient technique which consists in putting medium and large stones on the front and a lot of small stones on the back to fill the gap.
This technique allows rain to filter, ensuring adequate drainage and avoiding excessive pressure that the ground armies on the wall, causing it to collapse.
We would like to emphasize that the maintenance of the territory is the only viable solution to ensure the continuous influx of tourists to our beautiful and unique area and that doing so we will also contribute to maintain the traditions and customs typical of a small world that DO NOT HAVE TO DISAPPEAR !
We believe that people born in the Cinque Terre must cultivate a sense of belonging to their land that leads to the creation of a new agricultural system that has to be based on experience and traditions of the past.